Persuasion is used to create perceptions, change perceptions and stimulate action - at the core - these are the three goals of marketing communication.


Persuasion Agent helps clients tell their stories in more creative, impactful and persuasive ways. We offer decades of experience in developing relevant, effective messaging – in mobile, digital, social and traditional media, plus public relations – for a wide range of clients in healthcare, financial services, technology and other challenging categories.


Helping businesses create perceptions,
change perceptions and stimulate action.
Digital Marketing

Persuasion Agent provides research, positioning, message development, advertising, PR, collateral, sales support and more, using every form of media. Isn't it

time your marketing and messaging were actually persuasive?

Traditional Marketing
Social Marketing

Make your social media effective and persuasive, too. Whether using LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or other social media, Persuasion Agent can provide the traffic-building and tracking results you crave.

Mobile marketing, websites, SEO, Search Engine Marketing, pay-per-click, Adwords, apps – Persuasion Agent can do it all. And of course, we make everything digital more … well, persuasive.

What our clients say...

“Persuasion Agent has a unique blend of 'left brain' strategic insight and 'right brain' creative solutions”

Persuasive advertising and digital for B2B and B2C

Mitsubishi VRF Campaign
Mitsubishi VRF Campaign

Mitsubishi VRF Campaign
Mitsubishi VRF Campaign

Movius Landing Page
Movius Landing Page

Mitsubishi VRF Campaign
Mitsubishi VRF Campaign

Exactly what you need. Only when you need it.
Outsourced. Freelance. Contract.

Persuasion Agent is structured as a virtual marketing consortium, bringing together exactly what you need, but only when you need it. Partners and members work from their own homes and offices keeping overhead extremely low and ensuring that your costs don’t go to cover space, staff, or skill sets that you don’t need for your specific project.


Take a look at what we have to offer.  And get persuaded.