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Marketing in the boardroom: All too often, marketing allows itself to be pushed down into tactical execution. Certainly there are tactical elements involved with executing any marketing program. But marketing’s proper place is in the C-Suite, driving the company’s priorities, leading product innovation and new business development.


This is what Peter Drucker - widely recognized as the “Father of Modern Management” – had to say about marketing:


“Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two – and only two – basic functions: marketing and innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest are costs. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.”


Marketing and sales – interwoven but separate: Marketing and sales need to work together very closely, particularly in those product and service categories that involve a highly considered purchase. With the exception of those products and services that can use direct sales, any integrated marketing plan needs to include a process where potential sales leads are nurtured, evaluated, and, at an appropriate point, sent to sales. But it’s far too limiting for marketing to be used as only a supporting function for the sales group. Theodore (Ted) Levitt, legendary Harvard Business School marketing professor and Editor of Harvard Business Review, describes the difference between sales and marketing in his typically provocative manner:


“Selling is preoccupied with the seller’s need to convert his product into cash; marketing with the idea of satisfying the needs of the customer by means of the product and the cluster of things associated with creating, delivering, and finally consuming it.”


Persuasion in marketing communication: Persuasion is used to create perceptions, change perceptions and stimulate action – these are the three goals of marketing communication. Jack Trout is one of the founders and pioneers of positioning theory and also marketing warfare theory. This is what Trout has to say about the importance of perception in marketing:


“There is no objective reality. There are no facts, no best products. All that exists in the world of marketing are perceptions in the minds of the customer or prospect. The perception is the reality. Everything else is an illusion.”


Persuasion Agent: Creating perceptions. Changing perceptions. Moving the needle. Pushing the envelope. That’s what Persuasion Agent is all about. We use the latest marketing technologies and techniques to help clients tell their stories in more creative, persuasive and impactful ways. Persuasion Agent applies decades of experience in developing relevant, effective messaging – in mobile, digital, social and traditional media – for a wide range of clients in healthcare, financial services, technology, automotive and other challenging categories. Visit us at:

What’s the Role of Marketing and Marketing Communications in Overall Business Strategy?

The Digital Tools That Are Transforming Innovation.

Click on the link below to view a great interactive chart from Strategy + Business that shows the most effective digital tools to support innovation. It covers a full range of digital tools used to support marketing and product development across the timeline from customer insight, ideation, and development to the launch and the following lifecycle management. It’s based on surveys with executives at more than 350 companies, compiled during the Booz & Company 2013 Global Innovation 1000 study.


Source: “The Global Innovation 1000: Navigating the Digital Future,” by Barry Jaruzelski, John Loehr, and Richard Holman.

The CMO as Chief Storyteller.

In this article from The Economic Times, marketing legend Jack Trout shares his five-step guide to being a successful CMO. A core element in the process Trout outlines is setting the right strategy – a simple idea or “story” on which you can clearly position and differentiate your company. Although the “idea” needs to be simple, the process of honing your strategy down to that one core idea is anything but simple.


Painting: Andy Thomas Artist, Carthage, Missouri

Andy is known for his action westerns and storytelling paintings and documenting historical events through history. (Copyright: all rights reserved)